MonoCure 3D PRO Deep Black Resin (0.25KG)


MonoCure 3D PRO Deep Black Resin

Monocure3D DEEP BLACK™ is the newest member of the PRO range. This resin is ideal for that intense, dense black look for your 3D printed models and parts. It is further enhanced by a smooth matte finish once cleaned & post cured.With PRO DEEP BLACK™, it is easy to achieve that solid, plastic look even with ultra-thin 2mm walls. The development team has formulated this resin using the superior in-house urethane base for increased durability and longevity. The chemists have discovered the perfect combination of specialized photo-initiators to ensure it can print with ease — finally, a 3D printable resin, that actually looks like black ABS plastic.

Package size: 0.25KG Color: Deep Black

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Prijs: € 6.05

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