BCN3D Metal Pack


Compatible with the Epsilon Series (Epsilon W50 and W50SC, Epsilon W27 and W27SC)The Metal Pack is an upgrade for the current Epsilon Series that opens up a new range of applications for BCN3D customers, especially for spare parts, functional prototyping, and tooling, and is mainly aimed at the pharmaceutical, food, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. The parts produced by this process have practically identical behavior to those produced by MIM or CNC and offer an office-friendly solution with far more design freedom.

The Metal Pack includes both Ultrafuse® 316L and 17-4 PH, and a new exclusive hotend for metal, as well as specific accessories, to ensure a smooth printing experience. BCN3D has created a new printing profile for metal for the BCN3D Stratos slicer that avoids the internal tensions of the printed part during the printing process. After printing, debinding and sintering processes can be carried out externally through the current Forward AM authorized network of service suppliers. Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments portfolio has been developed based on BASF’s decades of know-how within the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) industry.

Inside the box

1x 316L 3Kg BASF spool1x 17-4PH 3Kg BASF spool2x Hotend M (more information at Magigoo Pro Metal 2x Brass Wiper Activation code

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