Creality CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner


Creality CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner

Creality scanner CR-Scan 01 Crealit adopts intelligent large-scale alignment algorithm to ensure automatic matching without manual grid alignment, calibration, or the use of markers.The scanner is dedicated to scan models with high precision. The device allows to achieve fast scanning and true colors. CR-Scan 01 is easy to use.


fast scanning high-precision automatic Data processing multiple languages true color wide applications

Technical Specification

No labeling point required Scanning distance: 15.75-35.45 inches (40-90 cm) Working range: 11.80-19.70 inches (30-50 cm) Scan resolution: 0.5mm; Image size: 536x378 10 frames per second accuracy: 0.1mm.


The standard version is available(Without Tripod)

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Prijs: € 639.00

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